Gulfstream Aircraft Return to Savannah-Hilton Head IAP from Lakeland, FL After Hurricane Florence

Savannah – Yesterday afternoon, I caught what seemed to be the return of Gulfstream Savannah Service Center aircraft from Hurricane Evacuation to Lakeland Florida due to Hurricane Florence. A few came in early in the day, but during the afternoon, the majority arrived one after the other. Watching with my Mode-S/ADS-B receiver, they practically formed a fishhook over Savannah as they came in from the south or southwest, turned just east of Savannah and headed for Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport. I began catching them with Jacksonville Center on 135.975 (Alma High) after which they switched to 127.575 (Waycross Low) and 124.675 (Jekyll Low) before switching to 120.400 with Savannah Approach and then 119.100 with Savannah-Hilton Head IAP Tower. The ground guides at the Service Centers must have been pretty busy there for a little bit! I was also able to catch them checking in with the Gulfstream Service Center on 128.925 and being directed to either “GS1” or “GS2.”

All of the returning aircraft used the usual GULFTEST callsign:

GULFTEST 10 (G550, N540GA, USAF 645th AESG)
GULFTEST 14 (G450, N937BG, Solarius Aviation)
GULFTEST 17 (G650, N650AF, Vulcan Northwest Inc)
GULFTEST 25 (G550, N582GA, Gulfstream Aerospace)
GULFTEST 29 (G450, N275M, Bridges Porter)
GULFTEST 40 (G-VI, N650MT, Bank of Utah Trustee)
GULFTEST 44 (G-IV, N401FT, Executive Jet Shares)
GULFTEST 48 (G450, M-LFBB, Oviation Two Ltd)
GULFTEST 58 (G550, VP-CLK, Great Prespa Ltd)
GULFTEST 75 (G550, N579GA, Gulfstream Aerospace)
GULFTEST 89 (G650, N282GA, Gulfstream Aerospace)
GULFTEST 93 (G650, N766GA, R94924 LLC)
GULFTEST 96 (G550, N526GA, Gulfstream Aerospace)

Military Monitoring enthusiasts will probably take notice of GULFSTREAM 10; it was definitely one that caught my attention as I looked up the N-Numbers of the returning aircraft.

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