Hurricane Florence Related USCG and Military Aviation Activity; 16 September 2018

Savannah – Yesterday, things seemed to get somewhat back to normal for air traffic. The air traffic along the coast was heavier than it was the last few days and although some aircraft were taking alternate routes, they didn’t seem to be as wide as they had been. Military and Federal support for Hurricane Florence operations seemed to increase as well, with C-17s, C-130s of various types, E-3s, E-8s, HC-144s, MC-12s, MH-60s, MH-65s, and CBP P-8s participating. CBP P-8 AEWs were over the area for most of the day, E-8 JSTARS were over the area for most of the day, and an AWACS was over the area for part of the day. KC-135s also flew tanker support for the E-8s. ISR and C3I resources such as the E-3s, E-8s, and P-3 AEWs were in heavy use; a CBP P-3 “Slick” flew a mission over the area and an MC-12S out of Hunter AAF also flew two missions over the area. Those resources are important warfighting resources, but they’re also proving to be our tax dollars at work providing an important service for communities under hardship from disaster. (Once again, most of the tracking images below are from the ADS-B Exchange tracker because the majority of the activity is outside of the range of my receiver.)

SNTRY 25 9-16-18

SENTRY 25 (E-3C, 82-0006, 552nd ACW) orbiting over coastal North Carolina


PHENOM 06 (E-8C, 96-0043, 116th/461st ACW) orbiting over coastal North Carolina


PHENOM 08 (E-8C, 00-2000, 116th/461st ACW) on its way to the South Carolina/North Carolina area


PHENOM 06 (E-8C, 96-0043, 116th/461st ACW) moving to aerial refuel with NATION 16 (KC-135R, 59-1461, 128th ARW) over western Virginia


SHADY 60 (MC-12S-2, 09-00642, 224th MI Bn) departing Hunter AAF for a Hurricane Florence mission

SHADY29 Myrtle

SHADY 29 (MC-12S-2, 09-00642, 224th MI Bn) working over Myrtle Beach, SC on a Hurricane Florence mission

There were two USCG flights that got promoted via social media and/or DVIDS yesterday that I was able to hear parts of and follow part of via Mode-S/ADS-B tracking. COAST GUARD 1503 (HC-130H, 1503, CGAS Clearwater) was providing logistical support to Coast Guard helicopter operations, including a stop at Air Station Savannah, which is located at Hunter AAF. COAST GUARD 2311 (HC-144A, 2311, CGAS Miami) came up from Air Station Miami and flew a Hurricane Florence damage assessment mission. (Photos below are from the DVIDS website)

1000w_q95 (1)

Coast Guard crew members board an HC-144 Ocean Sentry in Charleston, South Carolina, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018. Waterways assessments were conducted to evaluate the damage caused by Tropical Storm Florence. (U.S. Coast Guard photo Petty Officer 2nd Class Nicole J. Groll)


USCG Air Station Clearwater C-130 Hercules aircraft prepares to depart to Air Station Elizabeth City to better assist the impacted areas caused by Hurricane Florence, Sept. 16, 2018. The Hercules is carrying aircrews, maintenance crews, an MH-60 Helo Support kit and pallets of tools and extra mechanical parts on this particular flight. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Romero)

For the most part, I’ve only been able to monitor assets going to and from the area affected by Hurricane Florence due to my distance away from them, but I have been keeping a list of frequencies and callsigns that may be useful. The list below includes what I was able to monitor on 14-16 September from the Savannah area, so it’s nothing close to being comprehensive (but it should be a good place to start). Note the use of VTAC-11, one of the nationwide interoperability frequencies; its use is one of the reasons it’s always a good idea to keep them in your radio, you never know when they may be called into use.

163.1375 ($293) – CG 113, USCG Station Tybee
171.2375 ($293) – CG 127, USCG Sector Charleston
413.0000 ($293) – CG 410, USCG Sector Charleston Air Ops
345.0000 – USCG
166.4625 ($001) – CBP Common
136.3750 – CBP
151.1375 – VTAC 11

225.750 – 165th AW Ops
228.225 – Moody AFB “ANGEL Ops”
237.000 – Savannah ADC Ops
293.525 – 116th/461st ACW “PEACHTREE Ops”
349.400 – Charleston AFB “PALMETTO Ops”
134.100 – Charleston AFB “PALMETTO Ops”
260.900 – NORAD Discrete
238.9000 – Aerial Refueling
283.900 – AR-601
148.125 (PL 107.2/$403) – SC CAP Repeater R21

Air Traffic Control
119.100/257.800 – Savannah-Hilton Head IAP Tower
124.975/279.575 – Hunter AAF Tower
120.400/353.775 – Savannah Approach/Departure
125.300/371.875 – Savannah Approach/Departure
125.125/292.125 – Beaufort Approach/Departure
120.700/306.925 – Charleston Approach/Departure
126.750/277.400 – Jax Center Brunswick Low
127.575/269.025 – Jacksonville Center Waycross Low
127.875/319.200 – Jax Center Aiken High
132.925/363.200 – Jacksonville Center Allendale/Savannah Low
133.300/346.300 – JacksonvilleCenter Moultrie Ultra High
133.700/323.300 – Jacksonville Center Baxley Low
134.375/317.550 – Jax Center Charleston Low
135.975/282.300 – Jacksonville Center Alma High

COAST GUARD 1503 (HC-130H, 1503, CGAS Clearwater)
COAST GUARD 2005 (HC-130J, 2005, CGAS Elizabeth City)
COAST GUARD 2311 (HC-144A, 2311, CGAS Miami)
COAST GUARD 6012 (MH-60T, 6012, CGAS Clearwater)
COAST GUARD 6030 (MH-60T, 6030, CGAS Clearwater)
COAST GUARD 6544 (MH-65D, 6544, CGAS Savannah)
COAST GUARD 6547 (MH-65D, 6547, CGAS Savannah)
COAST GUARD 6567 (MH-65D, 6567, CGAS Savannah)
HOBBY 11 (C-130J, 05-8157, 403rd AW)
KING 03 (HC-130N, 90-2103, 39th RQS)
KING 15 (HC-130J, 09-5708, 79th RQS)
KOMODO 04/STRIKESTAR (E-8C, 96-0043, 116th/461st ACW)
N108F (B350, N108F, US DHS); cleared to NAS Jax
NATION 01 (KC-10A, 86-0035, 305th AMW)
NATION 16 (KC-135R, 59-1461, 128th ARW)
NATION 26 (KC-135R, 63-7993, 121st ARW)
OMAHA 42 (P-3 AEW, N142CS, CBP)
OMAHA 44 (P-3 AEW, N144CS, CBP)
OMAHA 80 (P-3B, N480SK, CBP)
PHENOM 06 (E-8C, 96-0043, 116th/461st ACW)
PHENOM 08 (E-8C, 00-2000, 116th/461st ACW)
REACH 102H (C-17A, 07-7187, 437th/315th AW)
REACH 1099 (C-17A, 02-1099, 437th/315th AW)
SHADY 29 (MC-12S-2, 09-00642, 224th MI Bn)
SHADY 60 (MC-12S-2, 09-00642, 224th MI Bn)
TEAL 71 (WC-130J, 97-5306, 53rd WRS)
TEAL 73 (WC-130J, 96-5302, 53rd WRS)
TEAL 81 (WC-130J, 97-5306, 53rd WRS)
USCGC Chinook (WPB 87308)
USCGC Cormorant (WPB 87313)
SENTRY ## (E-3, 552nd ACW)

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