New Addition to the Shack: Uniden BCT15X Scanner

Savannah – Two of my long-serving Uniden BC780XLTs have begun acting wonky (one’s display is losing contrast and becoming hard to read and the other’s knobs are beginning to stop working) so I decided to try a replacement for one of them. The 780s have long been out of date for Savannah/Chatham County public safety monitoring but they’ve been great military monitoring scanners. Quite honestly, they’ve been among my favorites for that part of the scanning hobby. Since military and aviation are all I use them for, I decided that for 780 replacements I didn’t need top of the line, full-featured scanners. After looking at what was available on the market, I settled on trying a Uniden BCT15X. It has the features I’m looking for, is priced right (at around $170) and is programmable and controllable by software I already have (using Butel ARC-XT and/or ProScan software).

As near as I can tell, the BCT15X seems to be a Uniden BCD396XT/BCD996XT shorn of its digital capabilities. The display is almost identical to the BCD996T that I have (I don’t have a 996XT) and operates and programs similar to the BCD396XT that I have. As I mentioned above, I already have software that will program it – Butel ARC-XT. So far, it really does seem to be just like the 396XT without the digital capability.

I’ve got the BCT15X set up as my MilAir recording scanner in the shack. I programmed it with ARC-XT and am using ProScan to control and record with. ARC-XT, in my opinion, works better for programming and ProScan gives me the ability to easily switch which radio I’m controlling/recording. It seems to receive both civil and military aviation just as good as the BC780XLTs did (an interestingly enough much better on military aviation than my BCD996T does). The recording quality out of the line-out jack on the BCT15X is punchy and clear, quite better than the line-out on the BC780XLT I was using which could be a bit weak at times.

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