A Sunday Afternoon Visit to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Savannah – It had been a few weeks since I had the chance to visit the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge; since yesterday afternoon’s weather was so beautiful, I took advantage of it and visited the refuge. Alligators were out sunning, the wading birds were out doing their thing, and there were even a few deer out and about (unfortunately, none that I could get a photo of). There was even an American Bittern sighting. The last time I visited in late September, there were a few Blue Wing Teal and what looked to be a couple of Ringneck Ducks already arrived for migratory waterfowl season, but on this visit, there were only a few American Coots to be seen. As far as other migratory birds go, Northern Harriers have made their arrival to the refuge as well. Most folks may love Spring and Summer, but I love Autumn and Winter when things cool down, the leaves begin to fall and the grass thins out making the wildlife easier to see, and the migratory birds arrive. It’s just about my favorite time of the year!

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