Trying to Opt Out on Black Friday

Darien, GA – My folks and I attempted to Opt Out on this Black Friday by visiting the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge’s Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive. Unfortunately, when we got there it was closed due to today’s abnormally high tide causing the refuge’s diversion canal to overflow the roadway.  We decided to give Harris Neck NWR a try instead and by the time we got down there, the weather had turned into a windy, chilly mist. We walked down to Bluebill Pond and saw a large number of Snowy Egrets along with some Great Egrets and Little Blue Herons along with some Blue Winged Teal, but most everything was out of camera range. Most of the waterfowl seemed to be more interested in huddling out of the wind than anything else. Even though it was around 11:30 AM when we got to Woody Pond, there were still some Black Crowned and Yellow Crowned Night Herons perched around the pond, but unfortunately they were out of camera range as well.


Harris Neck NWR’s Bluebill Pond on a chilly, misty, dreary Black Friday

By the time we finished at Woody Pond, the mist had turned into a light rain so we just cruised through the rest of the wildlife drive hoping to see something from the car, but both Greenhead and Goose Ponds were drained and we didn’t even see any turkeys or deer. It was still a better day than spending it inside a shopping mall…

After we left Harris Neck, we decided to find something for lunch and ended up at Skipper’s Fish Camp in Darien. All of us ended up trying the crab cakes and they were excellent – a simple pan-fried recipe without a lot of additives  (I got the combination of crab cakes and Mahi with baked potato and coleslaw and it was wonderful). After I ate, I went out in the rain on Skipper’s dock and took a few photos of the shrimp boats docked nearby. I think these black and white versions suit the day perfectly.


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