Aviation Photography and Airport Monitoring from the Charlotte Airport Overlook

While researching the Carolinas Aviation Museum before my road trip, I noticed on Google Maps that Charlotte Douglas IAP (CLT) has an airport overlook. After visiting the museum and grabbing a bite to eat, I drove the short distance to the overlook to watch and listen to the airport activity. The overlook is a parking area with some benches on a hill between the north ends of Runway 18R/36L and Runway 18C/36C that overlooks Runway 18C/36C, the Air Carrier Terminal, and the Tower. You can even see downtown Charlotte’s skyline in the distance. On the day I visited, it put you at the departure end of Runway 36C (I don’t know if that’s the usual direction they work in or not) and in a great spot to get photos of the aircraft lifting off of the runway and departing.

The Charlotte Airport Overlook at Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Downtown Charlotte’s skyline as seen from the Charlotte Airport Overlook

It didn’t turn out to be that great of a location for monitoring and listening, though. You’re alright if you’re going to be listening to the airport frequencies, but the transmitter site for the airport is right behind the overlook and it creates a lot of interference on other bands. I was using the Home Patrol 2 and TRX-2 in the mobile station to record/log on multiple bands and I ended up having to turn them off while I was at the overlook because of all the interference.

The airport transmitter site behind the Charlotte Airport Overlook that creates the radio interference

Here’s what I was listening to while I was at the overlook:

118.100 – Charlotte Tower
126.400 – Charlotte Tower
133.350 – Charlotte Tower
119.000 – Charlotte TRACON
120.050 – Charlotte TRACON
124.000 – Charlotte TRACON
125.350 – Charlotte TRACON
126.150 – Charlotte TRACON
128.325 – Charlotte TRACON
135.600 – Charlotte TRACON
307.800 – Charlotte TRACON
292.250 – 145th Airlift Wing Ops

The Charlotte Airport Overlook is a great place to go plane spotting, but if you plan on trying to listening to anything other than VHF air traffic control frequencies, you’re going to run into interference issues. That aside, it’s a great place to spend a bit of time at in Charlotte if you’re an AvGeek. If you’re a parent with a child that loves airplanes, it would make a good stop as well. I noticed more than one parent with small children taking a lunch break at the Overlook. It’s a nice little site that it was thoughtful of the airport to provide!

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