MDTC Underway at MCAS Beaufort

Savannah – Yesterday morning’s monitoring indicated that there’s MDTC (Marine Division Tactics Course) underway at MCAS Beaufort. An MDTC usually takes place in January and this year seems to be no different. Flights of MAG-31 F/A-18s using the callsigns LATCH and SALEM (callsigns traditionally used by MDTC flights at MCAS Beaufort) and VMFAT-501 F-5Ns using the callsign VIPER were working in offshore SUAs yesterday morning. I didn’t hear SALEMs, LATCHes, or SNIPERs on Friday, so I’m guessing the MDTC flying started yesterday and will likely continue through the rest of the month.

If you’re interested in listening to the activity, here’s what I heard in use yesterday morning:

MCAS Beaufort Frequencies
292.125 – Beaufort App/Dep
269.125 – Beaufort App/Dep

SEALORD Frequencies
284.500 – SEALORD North Primary
313.700 – SEALORD North Secondary
349.800 – W-137 Discrete
376.900 – W-137 Discrete
385.300 – W-137 Discrete
318.600 – SEALORD Discrete

MAG-31/VMFT-401 Frequencies
283.400 – VMFA-115 Base; LATCH/SALEM flights for Base traffic
304.200 – MAG-31; LATCH/SALEM flights for Base traffic
310.200 – VMFA(AW)-553 Base; LATCH/SALEM flight Base traffic
228.300 – MDTC Air-to-Air (normally VMFA-224 Tac 1)
264.925 – MDTC Air-to-Air (normally VMFT-401 Tac)
274.500 – MDTC Air-to-Air (normally VMFA-115 Tac 3)
336.225 – MDTC Air-to-Air (normally VMFA-115 Tac 3
376.425 – MDTC Air-to-Air (normally VMFA-251 Tac 3)
348.825 – VMFT-401 Air-to-Air (normally VMFA-533 Tac 3)

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