Railroad Frequencies in Savannah, GA

This past weekend, I decided to do something a little different within the scanning hobby. I haven’t listened to railroad frequencies in a while, so I trolled for railroad frequencies while in the mobile station with the HomePatrol 2 and at home with the BCD536HP. Given that the Savannah area has a lot of railroad activity connected with the ports, I wasn’t surprised that I came up with a pretty good haul. Some of these I’ve heard before, some I haven’t. CSX was what I heard the most, with two very active dispatch channels and a very active road channel. The Georgia Central/Rail Link frequencies were very active around the ports in Garden City and Port Wentworth.

160.3200 AAR 14 – CSX AC Dispatch
160.4100 AAR 20 – CSX
160.4400 AAR 22 – CSX
160.4850 AAR 25 – CSX Southover Yard
160.5900 AAR 32 – CSX Road
160.7850 AAR 45 – CSX
161.1000 AAR 66 – CSX JA Dispatch

160.9350 AAR 55 – Norfolk Southern
160.4550 AAR 23 – Norfolk Southern
160.5000 AAR 26 – Norfolk Southern
161.0100 AAR 60 – Norfolk Southern
161.4900 AAR 92 – Norfolk Southern

160.6200 AAR 34 – Georgia Central/Rail Link
160.8450 AAR 49 – Georgia Central/Rail Link
161.5650 AAR 97 – Georgia Central/Rail Link

After hearing these, I also did a search through the FCC database to help ID these frequencies and find more potential railroad frequencies for the Savannah area. I’ve programmed them into the BCD536HP in the shack and the TRX-2 in the mobile and will be listening out for more activity. I’ve also programmed them in as NXDN frequencies to keep an ear out for any future moves from NFM to NXDN.

I plan on doing the same thing in Brunswick soon and I’ll offer a report on what I hear there after I do. I’m very much an inexperienced rail scanner, so if you have anything to add or correct, please let me know!

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