Boeing 747 “Dreamlifter” Large Cargo Freighters – Frequent Visitors to Charleston, SC

This morning, I caught GIANT 4532 (B747 LCF, N780BA, Atlas Air) with Charleston TRACON on 120.700 and with Boeing Charleston Ops on 123.325. N780BA is one of four 747 Large Cargo Freighters, also known as “Dreamlifters” that are operated by Atlas Air for Boeing. They’re used for moving sections and parts of Boeing 787 “Dreamliners” between the Boeing facilities responsible for manufacturing and assembling the 787s, the facility in Charleston included. This morning was the first time I’ve logged N780BA and with it, I’ve logged all four the “Dreamlifters.”

  • N249BA
  • N718BA
  • N747BC
  • N780BA

Boeing 747-400 LCF Dreamlifter (from Wikipedia)

It’s fairly easy to catch the “Dreamlifters” as they come and go from Boeing Charleston. Their callsigns are GIANT 4### (GIANT being Atlas Air’s usual callsign, it seems that 41##, 43##, and 45## are used by the Dreamlifter flights). Good frequencies to listen for them on from the Savannah area are:

  • 123.325 – Boeing Charleston Ops
  • 120.700 – Charleston TRACON
  • 134.375 – Jax Center Charleston Low
  • 127.875 – Jax Center Aiken High

For arriving flights, you can catch them first on 127.875 and follow them through to 120.700 with TRACON with the reverse for departing flights. At some point during most arrivals and departures, they’ll check in or off with Boeing Ops.

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