Candler County SEGARRN Update

A few months ago, while I was having to make semi-regular trips up to Metter, I posted that I had discovered a SEGARRN site in Candler County and that it was in use by Candler County law enforcement. Since then, I haven’t had to make any trips to Metter so I haven’t been able to get any further information, but I noticed recently on RadioReference that their files have been updated with Candler County EMS and Candler County Fire Department talkgroups. It is showing TG 16907 for EMS Dispatch and 16912 for Fire Dispatch. I haven’t heard any traffic on them myself and the entries don’t specify, so I’m not sure if they’re being used on a primary or secondary basis. The home station has logged 16907 a number of times, so EMS is at least using it when they’re transporting patients to Savannah. As soon as I’m able to find out whether they’re being used on a primary or secondary basis, I’ll pass it along. If any of my readers know, please let me know – I’m not sure when my next trip up I-16 will be.

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  1. Just wanted to pass along that it looks like Bulloch county may have at least two more SEGARRN sites under construction right now. One on Two Chop road in the NW part of the county and one on Rocky Rd at the I-16/Hwy 301 Industrial park. I was searching the interwebs this evening for some more info on SEGARRN and stumbled across your site.

    • Thanks for the info, Wayne. I saw some similar information on RadioReference last week. It sounds like they’re re-engineering their part of the SEGARRN for another attempt at switching over.

      • Yeah, that was me that posted over there, and now that you mentioned it, I do remember you chiming in over there, but it just didn’t click with me that that was who it was. Thanks for the reply & I’ll keep you updated as I know more.

  2. Hi Wally,

    I feel terrible because I’ve meant to reply on two occasions and forgotten both times! They do seem to be online now; the last time I passed through Candler County (in June), it sounded like the ER in Candler County was on the system as well.

  3. Mac, Candler County SHOULD be online now with SEGARRN. They are our latest addition to this network. You discovered them while this was being built out. Have a blessed day! WD4MWA

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