Marine Corps Trunked Repeater System – MCAS Beaufort/MCRD Parris Island Sites

I haven’t seen a lot about the MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island sites of the US Marine Corps Trunked Repeater System and I don’t get over to the Beaufort area much so I’ve been curious about it for quite awhile. I do keep both the “Mainside” and “Laurel Bay” sites listed on RadioReference programmed in to some of my equipment and late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, it paid off. Weather conditions enabled good reception at times of both sites due to tropospheric ducting. Unfortunately much of the activity was encrypted, so I wasn’t able to identify anything that isn’t already identified on RadioReference. Here’s a list of the talkgroups that were received using a Uniden BCD536HP, a Whistler TRX-1 connected to an outside antenna, and even from a few hits on the TRX-2 while mobile:

TG 1517 – MCRD Parris Island Recruit Training
TG 2401 – unknown; encrypted/unencrypted
TG 2402 – unknown; encrypted
TG 3001 – unknown; encrypted
TG 3401 – unknown; encrypted
TG 7501 – MCRD Parris Island Range Control; encrypted
TG 9401 – unknown; encrypted
TG 9406 – unknown; encrypted
TG 9408 – unknown; encrypted
TG 9410 – unknown; encrypted
TG 9436 – unknown; encrypted
TG 9439 – unknown; encrypted
TG 11401 – unknown; encrypted
TG 11502 – unknown

It is interesting to notice on the RadioReference page that MCB Quantico’s Provost Marshal TGs are 2601 and 2602, I’m really curious as to whether 2401 and 2402 on the Beaufort sites are MCAS Beaufort Provost Marshals. Likewise, 3601 is listed as MCB Quantico Fire Dispatch, it could be that 3401 is MCAS Beaufort Fire Dispatch. It could then follow that 9410 is MCAS Beaufort Airfield Operations. It’s a theory that I’ll need to try to follow up (or, if someone has anything that can prove or disprove it, please pass it along).

Given that these were all heard in the wee hours of the morning before the sun was even up, I doubt it’s representative of all there is to hear on those sites. I’m hoping to go over to Beaufort at some point in the not too distant future on a day when there’s some active flying in hopes that there will be a good bit of activity on the system. When I do, I’ll make sure to post an update here with what I hear.

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