Sentry Savannah Exercise Underway at the Savannah Air Dominance Center

Savannah – There is a Sentry Savannah exercise underway at the Georgia Air National Guard’s Air Dominance Center (ADC) at the Savannah-Hilton Head IAP. There are F-16s from the 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama ANG and Aero L-159s from Draken International at the ADC and they’re being supported by 126th ARW and 185th ARW KC-135s at Hunter AAF. F-15s from the 125th FW, Florida ANG are participating as well, flying out of their home at Jacksonville IAP. This sounds like the first week of the exercise, so there should be a second week next week. There seemed to be two Air-to-Air sorties per day in the offshore SUAs with some of the 187th FW F-16s going to Townsend Range/Coastal MOA afterward. There have also been 187th FW air-to-air sorties in the offshore SUAs and the Coastal MOA as well as air-to-ground sorties at Townsend Range and the Coastal MOA before the Sentry Savannah sorties. It’s made for some interesting listening this week.

I was in Brunswick for most of the week and unable to hear a lot of the air-to-air activity, hence this late post. While I wasn’t able to hear much of the activity offshore, but I could hear a good bit of the Townsend Range/Coastal MOA activity, allowing me to gather some frequency/callsign information before coming back to Savannah. Here’s what I’ve been able to hear this week:

119.100/257.800 – Savannah IAP Tower
124.975/279.575 – Hunter AAF Tower
120.400/353.775 – Savannah TRACON
125.300/371.875 – Savannah TRACON

277.400/126.750 – Jax Center Brunswick Low
282.200/124.675 – Jax Center Jekyll Low
363.200/132.925 – Jax Center Allendale/Savannah Low

120.950/284.500 – Sealord North Primary
133.950/267.500 – Sealord South Primary

288.400 – NORAD Discrete; Check-In
293.600 – NORAD Discrete; Blue Air
316.300 – NORAD Discrete; Red Air
265.400 – NORAD Discrete; Aerial Refueling
274.400 – Aerial Refueling
278.000 – Aerial Refueling
228.400 – Townsend Range/Coastal MOA
252.900 – Townsend Range/Coastal MOA

350.675 – ADC; 187th FW “BAMA Ops”
283.700 – 187th FW Air-to-Air
277.450 – 187th FW Air-to-Air
294.725 – 187th FW Air-to-Air
276.800 – 187th FW Air-to-Air
320.600 – Draken International L-159 Air-to-Air
126.200/285.425 – Hunter AAF Base Ops

251.250 – 125th FW Ops
234.800 – 125th FW Aux 5
253.700 – 125th FW Aux 6

BAMA (F-16C, 187th FW)
PYTHON (F-16C, 187th FW)
VIPER (F-16C, 187th FW)
VENOM (F-16C, 187th FW)
BADGER (L-159, Draken International)
FANG (F-15C, 125th FW)
GATOR (F-15C, 125th FW)
BAT (KC-135R, 59-1506, 185th ARW)
CODER (KC-135R, 61-0300, 126th ARW)

This is the first time I’ve monitored an exercise since I overhauled my monitoring station. It now consists of 3 Uniden BCT15Xs, 2 Uniden BCD536HPs, and a Uniden BCD996T. I found the ability to swap one of the BCD536HPs from Land Mobile to MilAir quickly to be a great asset. It mean I could focus almost all of the gear on the exercise while keeping one radio on air traffic control frequencies. The BCT15Xs are cost effective solutions to the problem of monitoring multiple MilAir or Aviation frequencies at one time; I’ve got dedicated to Air Traffic Control, one dedicated to Op Area frequencies, and one set up with ProScan to record both Squadron/Unit and Op Area frequencies. One of the BCD536HPs is set up to scan Squadron/Unit AM, FM, and P25 frequencies. There’s no sense in using all BCD536s at around $500 apiece when an approximately $150 BCT15X will handle most MilAir/Aviation needs..

It’s also worth mentioning that listening to this Sentry Savannah has re-energized me. I’d been feeling a lack of motivation in both the scanning and amateur radio aspects of the radio hobby and I think that this past week may have put me back in the groove. I’ve unprotected both my Twitter and Instagram accounts and am now posting publicly on them again.

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