Spring at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Saturday was a lovely Spring day and it turned out to be a wonderful day for a visit to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.A low tide came around 10:30 am so I arrived at the refuge around 10:00 so I’d have a better chance of seeing wading birds in the tidal areas. There were plenty of Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, and Snowy Egrets to be seen along with Glossy Ibis in numbers White Ibis are usually seen in. I even saw a Least Bittern, but it disappeared into the grass before I could get a photo of it! Stopping for a bit to watch the Glossy Ibis feeding among groups of Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets and the occasional Great Blue Heron was fun and I really enjoyed stopping later on to watch a Green Heron on the hunt. Even though my favorite time of the year to visit the refuge is Autumn, I have to admit that it’s quite beautiful this time of year, resplendent in varied colors of green as the trees and grass begin to fill out. This visit was definitely the best one that I’ve had in quite awhile.

Categories: Nature, Photos, Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex, Wildlife

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