Sentry Savannah Photos from 15 April 2019

Savannah – This morning when I heard the aircraft participating in Sentry Savannah start taking off, I headed out to the Savannah-Hilton Head IAP to try to take some photos of them coming back in. The weather was wonderful, with clear blue skies and good sunlight so it turned out to be a productive trip even if my tracking and framing skills were out of practice (I haven’t had the chance to shoot fighters in flight in ages).

First are the 187th FW F-16s; there were ten of them up as BAMA 1#, VENOM 2#, and VIPER 7# flights. The tail numbers were:

F-16C, 86-0341, 187th FW “City of Opelika”
F-16C, 86-0346, 187th FW “City of Greenville”
F-16C, 87-0218, 187th FW “City of Auburn”
F-16C, 87-0220, 187th FW “City of Selma”
F-16C, 87-0221, 187th FW “City of Troy”
F-16C, 87-0222, 187th FW “City of Birmingham”
F-16C, 87-0276, 187th FW “City of Ozark”
F-16C, 87-0282, 187th FW “City of Wetumpka”
F-16C, 87-0283, 187th FW “City of Eclectic”
F-16C, 87-0336, 187th FW “City of Enterprise”

There are four Draken International Aero Vodochody L-159s at Savannah for Sentry Savannah: N266EM, N267EM, N269EM, and N270EM. This is the first time I’ve seen any of Draken’s L-159s in person; their N-numbers are ghosted on the rear of the fuselage, but the nose number on each aircraft is the number from its N-number, i.e. N266EM is nose number 266.

In between the arrival of the flights of F-16s and L-159s, a VP-30 P-8A from NAS Jacksonville did some approaches. Even though it isn’t part of Sentry Savannah, I thought I’d include some photos of it as well.

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  1. Awesome pictures and information. Thanks for sharing.

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