VMFAT-501 at the Savannah Air Dominance Center

Savannah – With the MCAS Beaufort Air Show this weekend, VMFAT-501 has sent some of its aircraft to the Georgia Air National Guard Air Dominance Center at the Savannah Hilton-Head IAP. Since VMFAT-501’s missions is to train F-35 pilots, they’ve come to Savannah to continue pilot training operations unhindered by airshow on the ramp/flightline at Beaufort. They’ve been flying multiple training missions per day using the callsigns FLANKER, HELLCAT, MOJO, and WARLORD. I’ve had a busy week and wasn’t able to listen much, but I’ve also been told that they’ve been using the callsigns ARCHER and WIDOW.

They’ve been using the Air Dominance Center’s Ops frequency 237.000 for their Base communications and their normal Tac frequencies of 326.700, 349.225, and 341.825 for air-to-air communications. Yesterday afternoon, I also heard them using 253.350 for air-to-air when they had four flights up.

Yesterday evening, a flight of 2 VMFA-115 F/A-18s, BLADE 21/22, also came in to Savannah-Hilton Head IAP. I’m guessing they’re doing the same thing that the VMFAT-501 aircraft are doing (it’s also not unusual for a few MCAS Beaufort fighters to work out of Savannah over the weekends). I’m guessing that the F-35s and any F/A-18s that come in will return to Beaufort after the Air Show is over and the flightline has cleared out.

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