Spotting at Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport

Savannah – After working nine days in a row, I finally had a day off yesterday and went out to Savannah-Hilton Head IAP to do some spotting. Unfortunately I didn’t make it out there in time to catch the VMFAT-501 F-35Bs coming back from their morning sortie and they never flew an afternoon sortie, so I didn’t’ get any F-35 photos. I did get some photos one of the 165th AW’s C-130s, a Gulfstream test flight, and one of the Gulfstream G600s along with other civilian and commercial flights to practice my aviation photography, something I don’t get the opportunity to do very often. I also got some photos of some Norfolk Southern trains that passed by.

Whistler TRX-1 handheld scanner, Yaesu FT-8800 dual band amateur radio transceiver, Uniden Home Patrol 2, Whistler TRX-2, and Yaesu FT-857D in use for monitoring radio communications around the airport. I also used a Uniden BCD436HP while out of the car.

Near where I was plane spotting from was a good spot to catch trains crossing the highway on one of the three sets of tracks near the airport. In between watching the aircraft, I got some photos of two of the passing Norfolk Southern trains.

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