10/11 June 2019 Central Georgia Road Trip Scanning Report

On Monday and Tuesday, I took a short road trip to Central Georgia, staying in Warner Robins overnight and visiting the Robins AFB Museum of Aviation on Tuesday before returning to Savannah. Over the course of the trip, I used the mobile station’s Uniden Home Patrol 2 and Whistler TRX-2 not just to scan, but also record activity they heard. I also used the record function on my Uniden BCD436HP to do the same. On both Monday and Tuesday afternoons, the weather wasn’t very cooperative, so it probably reduced the amount of military active I could have heard, but there was plenty of public safety activity to fill the time.

World War II/Korean War era radio and electronics test equipment on display at the Robins AFB Museum of Aviation

As public safety communications go, I was able to monitor a variety of analog and digital conventional and digital trunked systems. The digital systems included P25, DMR, and NXDN systems. One of my interests on this trip was Laurens County; on previous trips up I-16, it seemed that even though the DMR frequencies for the county on RadioReference are listed as conventional and the FCC licenses for them show conventional, they seemed to be a trunked system. For this trip, I sorted out the frequencies for by their licensed locations and then programmed them into the TRX-2 as a DMR trunked system as sites by the locations. Sure enough, as I got close to Dublin, I began picking up talkgroups. I’m not proficient enough with or knowledgeable enough about DMR to know if this is correct, but the frequencies sure seem to work best as a TRS than as conventional frequencies. While traveling through Emanuel and Candler counties, I picked up a new Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network talkgroup that seemed to be for Candler County Hospital’s Emergency Room.

Conventional Public Safety
156.1050 (RAN 28) – Heartland EMS (Bleckley County)
154.3550 (PL 141.3) – Butts County FD Dispatch
154.1750 (PL 88.5) – Crawford County FD Dispatch
154.3250 (PL 127.3) – Dooly County FD Dispatch
155.3850 (PL 94.8) – Fayette County Public Safety Dispatch
154.3550 (DMR Slot 2, Color 1) – Johnson County FD
154.0700 (PL 186.2) – Laurens County FD Dispatch
155.4000 (PL 85.4) – Macon Co FD/EMS Dispatch
159.1800 (PL 94.8) – Toombs County EMS Dispatch
159.1950 (PL 100.0) – Upson Co EMS Dispatch

Georgia Forestry
159.2250 (PL 123.0) – GFC D3 Repeater
159.1200 (DCS 047) – GFC D4 Covington Repeater
159.2400 (PL 169.7) – GFC D6 Bleckley Repeater

Central Georgia Interoperability Regional Radio System
TG 132 – Macon-Bibb County FD Dispatch 1
TG 134 – Macon-Bibb County FD Scene 2
TG 151 – Macon-Bibb County FD Event 1
TG 152 – Macon-Bibb County FD Event 2
TG 1101 – Monroe County FD Dispatch

Houston Peach Regional Radio System
TG 16 – Houston County FD Dispatch
TG 31 – Houston County EMS Dispatch
TG 32 – Houston ER
TG 35 – Houston County EMS Talk
TG 61 – Warner Robins FD Dispatch
TG 93 – Centerville FD Fireground 2
TG 121 – Perry FD Dispatch
TG 122 – Perry FD Ch 2

Laurens County DMR TRS
As I mentioned above, I monitored the Laurens County as a trunked system instead of a conventional system. Here is how I broke the locations down as sites for the Laurens County/Dublin DMR frequencies:

South Laurens County

East Laurens County

West Laurens County

Central Laurens County


East Dublin

TG 100 (Slot 1, Color 1) – Laurens County EMS
TG 300 (Slot 1, Color 1) – Laurens County FD

Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network
TG 16910 Candler County Hospital ER?

Tattnall County NXDN TRS
TG 3 – unknown, keyup

During the trip, I didn’t hear as much MilCom activity as I would like to have, but I did hear a few E-8 JSTARS flights out of Robins AFB, a P-8 from NAS Jacksonville, some F-16s from Shaw AFB, some A-10s from Moody AFB, and some F/A-18s from MCAS Beaufort. The light activity was probably a product of the thunderstorms across the area on both afternoons. It’s worth mentioning that all of the talkgroups on the Robins AFB site of the USAF TRS with the exception of the Robins ALC MOC are now encrypted.

F-15A 75-0043 on display in front of Warner Robins City Hall. 75-0043 is a former 125th FW, FL ANG aircraft. This isn’t the greatest photo of the jet, but the clouds give you an idea of what the afternoon/evening weather was like.

Robins AFB
133.225 – Tower
119.600 – Atlanta TRACON
124.200 – Atlanta TRACON
293.525 – 116th/461st ACW “PEACHTREE Ops”

USAF TRS (Robins AFB site)
TG 56045 – unknown; enc
TG 56046 – unknown; enc
TG 56070 – ALC MOC
TG 56084 – Robins ALC; enc
TG 56102 – Robins ALC; enc
TG 56121 – Robins AFB Base Ops
TG 56122 – Robins AFB Tower; enc
TG 56123 – Robins AFB Crash/Fire; enc
TG 56141 – 116th/461st ACW; enc
TG 56156 – unknown; enc
TG 56166 – 116th/461st ACW MOC; enc
TG 56192 – unknown; enc
TG 56193 – unknown; enc

Shaw AFB
273.700 – 77th FS “GAMBLER Ops”
274.875 – 77th FS Air-to-Air

MCAS Beaufort
228.300 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 1
258.900 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 2

NAS Jacksonville
271.400 – VP-10 Base

343.750 – Bulldog MOA
371.200 – Moody AFB Corsair Area Monitor

SEALORD (W-137/138)
284.500 – SEALORD North Primary
376.900 – W-137 Discrete

Atlanta ARTCC
290.375/125.825 – Atlanta Center Macon Ultra High
307.050/126.425 – Atlanta Center Dublin High
322.325/128.100 – Atlanta Center Augusta Low

Jacksonville ARTCC
269.550/124.700 – Jax Center Columbia Low
363.200/132.925 – Jax Center Allendale/Savannah Low

Since the rain and storms reduced the MilCom activity, I also tried some railroad monitoring in the Macon/Warner Robins area. Channels 39 and 61 were the busiest, but here was also some activity on Channels 89 and 93.

160.695 – Ch. 39, Georgia Southern & Florida Railway/Norfolk Southern
161.025 – Ch. 61, Norfolk Southern
161.445 – Ch. 89, Norfolk Southern
161.505 – Ch. 93, Georgia Southern & Florida Railway/Norfolk Southern

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