The Vietnam Experience Exhibit at Patriot’s Point in Charleston, SC

In addition to the museum ships at Patriot’s Point in Charleston, the park also has the Vietnam Experience Exhibit. Mostly outdoors, it shows what a “Brown Water Navy” patrol boat and support base and Marine Corps artillery fire support base were like during the Vietnam War. In addition to the various buildings and structures one would find on those bases, the exhibit also features vehicles and aircraft that would be found at them. The Mk 1 PBR (River Patrol Boat) at the Vietnam Experience is dedicated to James Elliott Williams, a South Carolina native who considered the most decorated enlisted man in the history of the US Navy and who received the Medal of Honor for his actions during a PBR action in 1966. The exhibit’s CH-46D is dedicated to the memory of the last USMC helicopter crew to die during the Vietnam War: Capt. William Nystul and 1st Lt. Michael Shea; their CH-46D, YT 14, crashed duing the evacuation of US personnel from Saigon and the US Embassy in April 1975. Two other crewmen, Cpl. Stephen Wills and Cpl. Richard Scott were injured but survived and were rescued. The CH-46D is painted to represent YT-14, the CH-46D they were flying.

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