New USMC TRS Site for MCRD Parris Island

This morning, I discovered a new site for the USMC TRS for MCRD Parris Island, SC. It provides system coverage for Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, SC near MCAS Beaufort, SC so it and the sites for MCAS Beaufort support some of the same talkgroups. The site frequencies are: 385.9125 (Control Channel), 380.4875, 380.5750, 381.2000, 386.3625, and 386.8125. Monitored this morning were the following talkgroups:

  • 1517 – MCRD Parris Island Training (encrypted)
  • 2401 – Unknown (encrypted)
  • 5502 – Unknown (encrypted)
  • 14507 – Unknown (encrypted)
  • 14515 – Unknown (encrypted)
  • 14521 – Unknown (encrypted)

The System ID is 00A, which makes it a part of the USMC TRS and the Site ID is 41-041.

Categories: Frequencies, MCAS Beaufort, MCRD Parris Island, Scanning, Talkgroups, USMC TRS

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