Getting My History Related Amateur Radio Special Event Post Project Back off of the Ground

I’ve sporadically written blog posts about History related Amateur Radio Special Event stations, but I haven’t been consistent or regular with them. This is a project that I really want to get off of the ground and I’m feeling enthusiastic about doing just that. The plan is to put together a blog post with selected history related special event stations for each month beginning with August 2019, posting it around mid-month (or earlier) of the previous month. I won’t try to cover every special event station for the given month and I won’t be deep diving on the events that I do write about; I just want to give some basic information and background and explain why the event being commemorated is significant. I’ll also include information on books that I’ve read that may offer more information on the month’s events. Additionally, I’ll be adding the History related special event stations that I come across to the calendar on the Amateur Radio page of this blog. I think that History related special events are great ways to spread knowledge of events that have shaped our world and inform the future and I hope that my posts will be a small way of spreading the news about them and providing some background. If you are doing a History related special event station, please let me know about it a few months ahead of time and I can try to work it into the relevant post.

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