10/11 August 2019 Augusta, GA Road Trip Scanning Report

This weekend, I took a short road trip to Augusta, GA to visit several History museums. I visited the Augusta Museum of History and the Augusta Canal Discovery Center; I tried to visit the Savannah River Site Heritage Museum in Aiken, but it was closed. The Augusta Museum of History would be of interest to those interested in public safety, the military, or broad cast radio; it features some interesting displays on Augusta’s fire and police departments, the military around Augusta, and one of Augusta’s radio stations. I also stopped in at the Phinzy Swamp Nature Park on the way into Augusta and walked a couple of its trails.  On the way, I listened to Public Safety, Military, Aviation, and Federal communications in the areas I traveled through using my mobile monitoring station (Uniden Home Patrol 2 and Whistler TRX-2) and my Uniden BCD436HP and Whistler TRX-1 portable scanners. Given that it was a Saturday and Sunday I wasn’t expecting a lot of Military activity, but I did catch a flight of 169th FW F-16s out training and a US Navy P-8A Poseidon doing pattern work at Augusta Regional Airport. I didn’t expect much Federal activity either, but both Savannah River Site trunked radio systems were very active. Given that Augusta is an industrial area, some of the Railroad frequencies were busy.

Public Safety

The drive between Savannah and Augusta using SR 21, SR24, SR23, and SR56 offers a variety of public safety systems to monitor. There’s a mix of conventional analog, conventional DMR, conventional NXDN, Conventional P25, DMR trunking, and Motorola P25 trunking.

460.1500 (DMR Slot 1, Color 6) – Burke County FD/EMS Dispatch
151.4300 (PL 173.8) – Emanuel County EMS Dispatch
155.1750 (PL 94.8) – Greene County Fire/EMS
151.4075 (NXDN96 RAN:10) – McDuffie County FD; enc
155.1750 (PL 173.8) – Walton County EMS Talkaround

151.7300 (DCS 115) – AirEvac 91 Vidalia

159.4650 (PL 136.5) – Georgia Forestry District 3 Repeater

453.0250 (PL 118.8) – Aiken County FD C Repeater
453.4250 (PL 118.8) – Aiken County FD D Repeater
453.9000 (PL 118.8) – Aiken County FD E Repeater
453.0500 (PL 118.8) – Aiken County FD F Repeater

159.4200 (DCS 134) – South Carolina Forestry Neeses Repeater

Palmetto 25 TRS
TG 28609 – SC Lifenet Medical Helicopter
TG 55241 – Augusta-Richmond County Fire Tac 1
TG 55242 – Augusta-Richmond County Fire Tac 2
TG 55243 – Augusta-Richmond County Fire Tac 3
TG 55244 – Augusta-Richmond County Fire Tac 4
TG 55247 – Augusta-Richmond County Fire Alert Channel
TG 55265 – Augusta Richmond County Fire EMS Tac 1

Military Communications

The drive between Savannah and Augusta also offers the opportunity to hear traffic from military aircraft from Shaw AFB, McEntire JNGB, and MCAS Beaufort, although I only heard some 169th FW F-16s from McEntire and some JSTARS activity on this weekend’s trip. I was able to receive some traffic on the USMC TRS sites at MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island while in the Effingham and Screven County areas and of course I was able to listen to the US Army TRS sites at Fort Gordon while in the Augusta area.

Robins AFB
293.525 – 116th/461st ACW “PEACHTREE Ops”
149.275 – JSTARS Air-to-Ground traffic

US Army TRS (Fort Gordon sites)
TG 11 – Fort Gordon Fire 1
TG 13 – Fort Gordon Medical Emergency All Call
TG 27 – Fort Gordon Range Control
TG 53 – Fort Gordon EMS
TG 54 – Fort Gordon, Eisenhower Medical Center Security?

USMC TRS (MCAS Beaufort/MCRD Parris Island Sites)
TG 2401 – Unknown; enc
TG 14504 – Unknown; enc
TG 14516 – Unknown; enc

343.750 – Bulldog MOA

Misc MilCom
260.900 – NORAD Discrete

Aviation Communications

While not quite as busy at the Savannah area, Augusta still has steady aviation traffic from Augusta Regional Airport and other area airports. While visiting the Phinzy Swamp Nature Center, which is right next to Augusta Regional, I caught a US Navy P-8A (NAVY LL 844) doing approaches at Augusta Regional. It’s also very easy to hear the ground sides of Atlanta Center traffic on 128.100/322.325 for the Augusta Low sector and 343.750 for Bulldog MOA; apparently the antenna sites for both are located at Augusta Regional.

Augusta Regional Airport/Bush Field
118.700 – Augusta Regional Tower
239.300 – Augusta Regional Tower
119.150 – Augusta Approach/Departure
126.800 – Augusta Approach/Departure
284.625 – Augusta Approach/Departure
122.800 – Aiken Regional Airport CTAF
122.900 – Burke County Airport CTAF
123.050 – Daniel Field CTAF

126.125/285.650 – Jax Center Statesboro High
127.875/319.200 – Jax Center Aiken High
132.925/363.200 – Jax Center Allendale/Savannah Low
134.375/317.550 – Jax Center Charleston Low
133.625/370.950 – Jax Center Georgetown High
126.425/307.050 – Atlanta Centner Dublin High
128.100/322.325 – Atlanta Center Augusta Low

Federal Communications

There is quite a bit of traffic from the Federal VHF trunking systems at the Savannah River Site near Aiken, SC and you can receive them quite well from just north of Sylvania all the way up to Augusta. Both a Motorola Type II digital TRS and a Motorola P25 TRS are in use at the Savannah River site, with some talkgroups, but not all it seems, simulcast between the two. I really don’t have any idea how a nuclear plant operates, so I wasn’t able to identify many of the talkgroups I heard, but I did identify their Fire Department dispatch talkgroups on each one. I also picked up a couple of unidentified frequencies in the Augusta area, one using P25 and another using DMR.

Savannah River Site Type II TRS
TG 48144 – Unknown; enc
TG 48240 – Savannah River Site FD/EMS; unenc
TG 48304 – Unknown; unenc
TG 48368 – Unknown; unenc
TG 48464 – Unknown; unenc
TG 49072 – Unknown; unenc
TG 49136 – Unknown; enc

Savannah River Site P25 TRS
TG 3001 – Unknown; enc
TG 3005 – Unknown; enc
TG 3009 – Unknown; enc
TG 3015 – Savannah River Site FD/EMS; unenc
TG 3023 – Unknown; unenc
TG 3029 – Unknown; unenc
TG 3037 – Unknown; unenc
TG 3049 – Unknown; unenc
TG 3087 – Unknown; enc

Miscellaneous FedCom
171.7875 – Unknown (DMR Slot 2, Color 2); to weak to copy
171.7875 – Unknown (DMR Slot 2, Color 11); to weak to copy

173.5375 ($100) – Unknown

Railroad Communications

Augusta is an industrial area, so it was no surprise that there were a number of active railroad frequencies in the area. Even on a Saturday and Sunday there was a good bit of traffic on some of them. The frequencies I heard in use were licensed to CSX and Norfolk Southern:

160.2900 – Ch. 12, CSX
160.5900 – Ch. 32, CSX
161.1000 – Ch. 66, CSX
161.3100 – Ch. 80, CSX
161.5200 – Ch. 94, CSX

160.5000 – Ch. 26, Norfolk Southern
160.9350 – Ch. 55, Norfolk Southern/Central of Georgia
161.1150 – Ch. 67, Norfolk Southern
161.5500 – Ch. 96, Norfolk Southern/Central of Georgia

No road trip, regardless of how short or long it is, always has to feature good food, and this trip’s food highlight was a seafood restaurant in Augusta.

Big T’s Seafood Restaurant in Augusta, GA

On Saturday afternoon, it stormed around Augusta, so I took shelter in a Seafood Restaurant that I saw near the hotel I was staying in – Big T’s Seafood Restaurant. It was not a bad decision. It isn’t a big restaurant and it isn’t a fancy restaurant (the food is served on Styrofoam plates with disposable utensils), but I ate one of the best fried shrimp dinners I’ve ever had. I live on the coast and I’ve eaten plenty of fried shrimp in the Savannah and Brunswick areas, but the best fried shrimp dinner I’ve had in a long time was at Big T’s. The shrimp were light breaded and not the least bit greasy. The coleslaw was a simple recipe, just cabbage and pickle and the hushpuppies were a simple sweet cornbread type recipe. The shrimp and slaw reminded me a lot of the old Williams Seafood restaurant that was on US 80 near Tybee Island. It also reminded me of B&J’s Seafood Restaurant in Darien. If you’re in Augusta and want some good seafood – go to Big T’s.

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