New SEGARRN Chatham County Municipal Fire Department Dispatch Talkgroups

Savannah – A series of new talkgroups for municipal fire dispatch have been showing up on the SEGARRN (Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network). It appears that they’re probably tone out talkgroups that are patched to the main Chatham Metro Fire Dispatch talkgroup (TG 223) for dispatch purposes; other than dispatch traffic from Chatham Metro dispatch, I haven’t heard any other traffic on them. One for Tybee Island FD has also shown up, but it has not been used by Chatham Metro dispatch, just by Tybee Island dispatch.

TG 852 – Tybee Island FD Dispatch
TG 854 – Bloomingdale FD Dispatch
TG 856 – Garden City FD Dispatch
TG 857 – Isle of Hope FD Dispatch
TG 858 – Pooler FD Dispatch
TG 859 – Port Wentworth FD Dispatch
TG 860 – Thunderbolt FD Dispatch

Most of the time, the dispatches come across TG 223, but every now and then my scanners pick up the dispatches on these instead, just like the Savannah Fire/Rescue signalling talkgroups do when Savannah Fire switches to “night mode.” As a result I’ve programmed them in to avoid missing initial dispatches (just as I have the Savannah Fire/Rescue signalling talkgroups).

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