No August 2019 MilCom Recap or Mode-S/ADS-B Log, Upcoming 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade Deployment, and Hurricane Dorian

August 2019 MilCom Recap and Mode-S/ADS-B Log Posts

As some of you already know, the last half of the month was not an easy one for my family. For almost two weeks during the last half of the month, my sister was in the hospital for two different serious medical issues. I missed a significant amount of work during those two weeks to help look after her and also stepped away from the radios for much of that time. While I still had some blog posts already written that posted as I had the scheduled, I didn’t have much time for the blog or for the radios. In light of that, I’ve decided to not to do August MilCom Recap or Mode-S/ADS-B log posts for August; I’ll combine August’s logs with September’s for a post at the beginning of October. I haven’t had the time to get started on the History related Special Event Stations blog post for October either. While I will post one, it will likely be delayed or post later than I would like it to.

3rd Combat Aviation Brigade Deployment

It has been reported that the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade at Hunter AAF will be deploying later this year to Europe as part of an Atlantic Resolve rotation. The numbers being reported are approximately 50 UH-60/HH-60s, 10 CH-47s, and 20 AH-64s, plus support equipment, so it sounds like the whole Brigade is going. The Fort Stewart website indicates that they’re already preparing for it, so if you see groups of helicopters flying over Savannah from Hunter AAF toward the port, that’s what it’s about.

Hurricane Dorian

National Hurricane Center Forecast Cone for Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is making it’s way toward the US southeast coast. While Savannah currently isn’t in the forecast cone as of 1100 on 29 August 2019, the forecast could change. The Brunswick area remains in the forecast cone, so those in the Georgia coast do need to keep an eye and ear on the National Hurricane Center forecasts and local emergency management messages. Please be prepared and heed any of your local EMA’s messages and instructions.

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