Hurricane Dorian and KF4LMT’s Radio Shack – The Blog Won’t be Very Active Until After the Storm

Savannah – This morning (Saturday, 31 August), it appears that Hurricane Dorian’s forecast track has again shifted – this time more to the east and it could bring tropical storm to hurricane force winds, rain, and storm surge to Coastal Georgia. I’ll be shutting down the shack at home to include the ADS-B/Mode-S feed to various sources and going back to Brunswick for work later tonight or Sunday morning. Don’t expect much information via this blog because I’ll be busy with work and won’t have much radio time, much less time to create blog posts.

Good luck to all of my family, friends, fellow amateur radio operators, and radio hobbyists along the east coast. I’ll be thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers over the next week. Military aviation units and bases in Florida have already evacuated their aircraft out of the area; I heard F-15s from Jacksonville IAP and P-8s and helicopters from NAS Jacksonville and NS Mayport leaving yesterday. It also sounded like some C-130s from Savannah-Hilton Head airport left yesterday afternoon. Without a doubt, this is a storm to take seriously. Make sure you’re prepared, keep watching what the National Hurricane Center has to say, and heed any instructions given by local emergency management. For Savannah and its surrounding area, you may also want to check out the blog posts at Enki Research for good, sound, level headed updates about the storm.

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  1. Thanks for all of your good info. Jeanie

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