7/8 September Charleston Trip Scanning Report – Naval Support Activity and Joint Base Charleston Move from the DOD TRS to a USAF TRS

Charleston – Yesterday, I decided to take a quick trip to Charleston, SC to visit the South Carolina Aquarium and do some scanning to follow up on my visit back in June. For the most part, Charleston was open for business following Hurricane Dorian’s passing, but there were a few things closed and there was definitely more evidence of downed trees, limbs, and lines in South Carolina than there was at home in Georgia. It’s been a stressful few weeks, and a visit to the South Carolina Aquarium and a tour of the Charleston Harbor were perfect for relaxing and and taking the edge off. Radio-wise, I wanted to do some follow up scanning of the DOD TRS site at Naval Support Activity Charleston and Joint Base Charleston after I noticed so many changes during the June visit.

Military Monitoring

This visit made the changes I heard with the TRS sites at NSA Charleston and JB Charleston back in June make a lot more sense. At the time, one of the thoughts I had is that those sites were no longer part of the DOD TRS and yesterday’s monitoring confirmed that. The System ID on both sites is no longer 14C, the DOD TRS System ID, it is now 57C, the ID for a USAF TRS, a system that is also used by another east coast Air Force Base, MacDill AFB. The NSA Charleston site is Site 1-067 and the JB Charleston site is Site 1-068.

USAF TRS – Naval Support Activity Charleston Site
SysID: 57C Site: 1-067
Frequencies: 380.0750, 380.2750, 380.4250, 380.5750, 380.7250, 380.9375, 381.0125, 381.1750, 381.2375, 381.3125

USAF TRS – Joint Base Charleston Site
SysID: 57C Site: 1-068
Frequencies: 406.1625, 406.3625, 406.5625, 406.7625, 406.9625, 407.1625, 407.3625, 407.5625, 407.7625, 407.9625, 408.3625, 409.1625

I still don’t have any solid IDs on the talkgroups I’ve heard, but I have some pretty good guesses. Since it was a weekend and it sounded like the bases really haven’t gotten back up to speed yet after Hurricane Dorian, there wasn’t as much traffic as there was the last time I visited. Here are the talkgroups I heard during this visit (enc = encrypted, unenc = unencrypted):

TG 751 – Unknown; enc
TG 752 – Unknown; enc/unenc (JB/NSA Charleston FD?)
TG 753 – Unknown; enc/unenc (JB/NSA Charleston FD Tac?)
TG 754 – Unknown; enc/unenc (JB/NSA Charleston FD Tac?)
TG 787 – unknown; unenc (Naval Support Activity docks?)
TG 862 – Unknown; enc/unenc (Navy Munitions Command Atlantic Unit?)
TG 881 – Unknown; unenc
TG 884 – Unknown; enc
TG 885 – Unknown; enc
TG 920 – Unknown Quarterdeck; unenc
TG 950 – unknown; enc

As I mentioned above, it didn’t sound like Joint Base Charleston was quite back up to speed after Hurricane Dorian passed by, but there was activity on the usual air traffic control and operations frequencies:

126.000/239.000 – Charleston Tower
120.700/306.925/135.800/379.925/119.300 – Charleston TRACON
349.400 – JB Charleston “PALMETTO Ops”
372.200 – JB Charleston PTD
123.325 – Boeing Charleston Ops

317.550/134.375 – Jax Center Charleston Low
319.200/127.875 – Jax Center Aiken High
351.700/124.075 – Jax Center Summerville High
354.075/120.125 – Jax Center Knemo Ultra High
363.200/132.925 – Jax Center Allendale/Savannah Low
370.950/133.625 – Jax Center Georgetown High
379.100/127.950 – Jax Center Charleston Low

USCG Monitoring

The Coast Guard was pretty active in the area doing post-Dorian work and patrolling the harbor due to all of the weekend pleasure boating traffic. The usual Marine VHF and USCG frequencies were in use:

156.800 – Marine VHF Ch. 16
157.050 – Marine VHF Ch. 21
164.9000 ($293) – CG 118, Station Georgetown
171.2375 ($293) – CG 127, Sector Charleston
413.0000 ($293) – CG 410, Sector Charleston Air Ops

Public Safety Monitoring

Most of the other activity that I monitored during the trip was public safety on the Palmetto 800 P25 TRS. I ended up doing some adjusting to my radios’ programming for that system because the transmit audio of Charleston County’s automated Zone Dispatch system is so loud. On my BCD436HP and Home Patrol 2, I offset the volume by -1, otherwise if I turned up the volume so I could hear the units and human dispatchers well, I would get deafened by the automated dispatch. Here are the Fire/EMS related talkgroups I heard in use:

TG 11 – SC Regional Government 6
TG 1567 – Awendaw FD Ops
TG 1628 – Charleston County Incident 7
TG 1721 – Mount Pleasant FD Ops
TG 1765 – Lincolnville FD
TG 1805 – North Charleston FD Ops
TG 1851 – Isle of Palms FD Ops
TG 1871 – Sullivans Island FD Ops
TG 2030 – Charleston FD 1 Ops
TG 2051 – Charleston County FD Dispatch
TG 2053 – Charleston County West Ops
TG 2057 – Charleston County Incident 4
TG 2063 – Charleston County Incident 6
TG 2066 – St. Paul FD Ops
TG 4360 – Summerville Ops 1
TG 4365 – Summerville FD Dispatch
TG 6542 – Jasper County FD Tac 1
TG 10394 – Meducare Helicopter
TG 51704 – MedTrans SC

South Carolina Aquarium

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the South Carolina Aquarium again. There’s just something therapeutic and calming about sitting in front of one of the tanks and watching the fish swim around. I was lucky enough to be there for one of the feedings in their biggest tank: they dropped some chum buckets in on a rope and when they jerked the rope, it opened the bottom of the buckets and a feeding frenzy ensued! There has also been an addition to the Aquarium since my last visit: they now have a Sea Turtle Rescue Facility and part of it is visible from the visitors area; you can see some of the patients in holding tanks and watch them diagnose and treat the Sea Turtle patients.

Charleston Harbor Tour

I also enjoyed the Charleston Harbor Tour that I took after visiting the Aquarium. The tour boat General Beauregard departed from a dock next door to the Aquarium and went all around the harbor for about an hour and a half or so, going by Patriot’s Point, Downtown Charleston, The Battery, Fort Sumter, Fort Moultrie, and Castle Pinckney among other locations. Despite the 95F heat, there was a nice breeze in the harbor that made the tour both informative and comfortable.

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