Update on Capsized Ship in St Simons Sound

Brunswick – The M/V Golden Ray remains capsized in the entrance to the Brunswick harbor between St Simons Island and Jekyll Island and the Coast Guard and other resources remain on scene.

Based on the latest from the Brunswick News, tapping has been heard from within the vessel, indicating that at least some of the missing crewmen inside the ship are still alive. It also says that the fire that was on board the ship appears to have burned itself out and rescue efforts will resume in the morning. The story also indicates that so far, there hasn’t been a significant fuel spill and that environmental mitigation efforts are ongoing.

Overnight, it sounds like USCGC Moray (WPB-87331) relieved USCGC Heron (WPB-87344) and RB-M 45741 has also been on scene, with Sector Charleston in communication both throughout the night on CG 118, 164.900 ($293). Here in Savannah, I’m not close enough to hear most of the on-scene communications, but I have been able to hear some of Sector Charleston’s side as well as some of yesterday’s traffic from the helicopters. Here’s a list of what I’ve been able to hear:

156.800 – Marine VHF Ch. 16
157.050 – Marine VHF Ch. 21
157.100 – Marine VHF Ch. 22
156.600 – Marine VHF Ch. 12
164.9000 ($293) – CG 118, Station Brunswick
413.0000 ($293) – CG 410, Sector Charleston Air Ops
163.1375 ($293) – CG 113, Station Tybee
162.3250 ($293) – CG 111, Sector Jacksonville
345.000 (AM) – Coast Guard Air Station Savannah

COAST GUARD 6531 (MH-65D, 6531, CGAS Savannah)
COAST GUARD 6544 (MH-65D, 6544, CGAS Savannah)
COAST GUARD 6567 (MH-65D, 6567, CGAS Savannah)
RB-M 45741
USCGC Heron (WPB-87344)
USCGC Moray (WPB-87331)

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