Probable Special Forces Exercise at Hunter AAF in Savannah, GA

This morning when I checked in on my Mode-S receiver at home in Savannah, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise: aircraft that indicate that a special forces exercise is underway at Hunter AAF. There were a number of KC-135s, C-17s, CV-22s, MC-130s, a U-28A, and an AC-130 that were logged last night and during the wee hours of the morning. The types of aircraft and the unusual callsigns are indicative of the special forces exercises that take place at Hunter once or twice a year. Last night’s callsigns were PETRI for the AC-130, INLAW for the C-17s, MOKO for the CV-22s, SMOG for the MC-130s, and HUNTER for the U-28. The Mode-S hits are:

AE5969 – AC-130J, 13-5787, 1st SOG Det 2 (PETRI11)

AE059D – KC-135R, 60-0362, 22nd ARW (JUNO21)
AE0662 – KC-135T, 60-0375, 22nd ARW (JUNO22)
AE6083 – KC-135R, 60-3013, 22nd ARW (JUNO23)
AE066E – KC-135R, 62-3569, 22nd ARW (JUNO24)

AE1294 – MC-130H, 89-0283, 15th SOS (SMOG31)
AE5965 – MC-130J, 14-5795, 9th SOS (SMOG34)
AE61F8 – MC-130J, 17-5875, USAF (SMOG35)
AE128F – MC-130H, 85-0011, 15th SOS

AE02C4 – C-17A, 07-7183, 437th/315th AW (INLAW37)
AE0800 – C-17A, 98-0054, 437th/315th AW (INLAW39)
AE49C2 – C-17A, 09-9206, 437th/315th AW (INLAW40)
AE080F – C-17A, 99-0169, 437th/315th AW (INLAW41)

AE571C – CV-22B, 12-0062, 8th SOS (MOKO71)
000001 – CV-22B, ? (MOKO71)
AE540A – CV-22B, 11-0058, 7th SOS? (MOKO73)
000001 – CV-22B, ? (MOKO74)

AE5B7B – U-28A, 04-0688, 319th SOS (HUNTR73)

There are probably more participants than what are listed above, but unfortunately I’m in Brunswick until Friday morning and at work when the flying for this exercise is taking place, so I’m unable to listen until Friday. If you’re able to listen, keep an ear on the Savannah and Coastal Georgia air traffic control frequencies and you’ll probably be able to catch them; in previous exercises, they’ve flown every other day or so for about a week.

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