Adding Events in Amateur Radio History to the Blog and a Request for Events You Think I Should Include

I think it’s important for Amateur Radio Operators to remember the history of their hobby. It’s important to acknowledge the accomplishments of those who came before and knowing where we and our hobby came from can help us chart its future. I’ll be calling attention to the history of Amateur Radio by highlighting historic events in Amateur Radio (and some amateur radio related events) in two ways. First, I’ll be including a section at the beginning of each History related special events post that lists important events in the hobby’s history.; see the December 2019 post for an example. Second, I’ll be tweeting those events throughout each month on this blog’s twitter account.

I’m in the process of researching for historic Amateur Radio events to include in these posts, but I’m asking for your help as well. By far, I’m not knowledgeable about all aspects of the hobby, so please let me know about any events such as firsts or important accomplishments that I should include in the comments below, through Twitter, or by email at kf4lmt @

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