A Visit to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge; 14 December 2019

Savannah – I don’t get many weekends off and with the repair work going on at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge’s Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive during the week, I haven’t had very many opportunities to visit recently. This weekend, the trails north of Alligator Alley weren’t open due to a youth waterfowl hunt, but the Wildlife Drive was open because the crews weren’t working, so I decided to ride across the Savannah River and see what was going on. It was a windy, chilly morning so my expectations weren’t high, but it ended up being a terrific visit. My parents rode over with me and we ended up seeing a lot of Snowy Egrets, White Ibis, and Great Blue Herons along with a couple of Tricolored Herons and Little Blue Herons. As far as migratory waterfowl go, we saw a lot of Ring-necked Ducks and some Ruddy Ducks, but no Blue-winged Teal or Northern Shovelers and of course, it just isn’t a Savannah NWR visit without masses of Common Gallinules and American Coots. Given the conditions, I was surprised that we saw four alligators, I wasn’t expecting to see any this morning.

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