KF4LMT's Radio Shack Social Media Links

I’ve been supporting KF4LMT’s Radio Shack with a Twitter account and Instagram account for a while, but I’ve recently added a Facebook page as well. I also have a rarely updated YouTube page, but videos there are usually linked to blog posts here.

Twitter – The Twitter account, KF4LMT2, is the most active of the blog’s social media. In addition to tweets when a blog post is published, I also tweet when History Related special events are scheduled, about events in Amateur Radio History, and about amateur radio and scanning/monitoring related happenings in the Coastal Georgia area. There will also be tweets related to nature and wildlife, including visits to the area National Wildlife Refuges, and the occasional motor sports related tweet.

Instagram – On Instagram, I post amateur radio and scanning/monitoring related photos and nature/wildlife related photos as well as photos from my road trips.

Facebook Page – The Facebook page, a second attempt, is relatively new. I don’t use Facebook personally, but I created a page for the blog to help share the History Related Special Event blog posts and to post scheduled Amateur Radio History Related special events and events in Amateur Radio History. Like the Twitter account, blog posts are posted to the Facebook Page.

YouTube – The YouTube page is basically a place to store videos that I take on my phone and use in blog posts, but if you want to see any of them without hunting down their blog posts, this is where they are.

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