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I'm an Amateur Radio Operator, Radio Monitoring enthusiast, History enthusiast, and very amateur nature/wildlife photography. Most of my amateur radio activity is voice because I mostly operate from a mobile station (listen out for me operating from Jekyll Island, IOTA NA-058). On the radio monitoring side of things, I enjoy listening to military aviation, Fire/EMS, and USCG/Federal comms. My History interests are varied and I enjoy reading about a wide variety of History and visiting historic sites. I take an interest in nature, wildlife, and the environment and particularly enjoy going to the National Wildlife Refuges in my area to take photos.

Due to my job, I split time between Savannah and Brunswick, GA

  • New 169th Fighter Wing Air-to-Air

    Recently, I have been unable to find an air-to-air frequency when some 169 FW (SC ANG) flights, HEAT flights in particular, have been working Townsend Range. This has usually been while I was mobile and was unable to search. This… Read More ›

  • Savannah Chatham Metro Fire Dispatch Changes?

    Over the last two days, I’ve noticed something different about how Savannah-Chatham Metro Dispatch has been dispatching the municipal fire departments. In the past, Bloomingdale, Garden City, Isle of Hope, Port Wentworth, and Thunderbolt Fire Departments were dispatched over talkgroup… Read More ›

  • First Post

    After seeing the Monitoring Times staff and other create blogs on radio monitoring, I decided to start one myself. I’m not going to post logs here like I do on the email groups, but I do plan on posting some… Read More ›