Coastal Georgia MilAir Information Page Updated

Over the last week or so, I’ve been working on revising and updating this blog’s MilAir page. I’ve finally finished this round of revisions and updates and it’s ready to go. I’ve changed the format a bit, added what I have for Robins AFB and Moody AFB, and expanded some of the bases that were already on the page. Savannah-Hilton Head IAP and Charleston IAP are also homes to a Gulfstream factor and service center and a Boeing facility respectively, so I added what I have for them as well. It’s not meant to be a comprehensive list; it essentially covers what can be heard from the Coastal Georgia area (Savannah, Hinesville, and Brunswick) and the I-95 corridor through Georgia.

No September 2017 MilCom Recap or Mode-S Logs But Several Area Reports to Come

I did not have a lot of radio time in September. The main culprit was Hurricane Irma, during which I worked seven 12 hour shifts, eliminating over a week of monitoring opportunities. Several other things took their toll as well so I ended up with very little activity logged. I didn’t see any sense in putting together a couple of small posts, so I decided to combine September’s activity with October’s activity in the October recap and Mode-S log posts at the beginning of November.

In the meantime, there are a number of happenings and events worth mentioning, so I’ll be making a number of posts today to report them:


Blog Posts Coming… After the Tropical Storm

I’ve got several posts in the works that were going to go up today and tomorrow, but getting ready to go back to Brunswick and preparations for TS Hermine have gotten in the way. Providing there are no prohibitive effects from Hermine, I’ll get them up after the busy Labor Day holiday at work. Look for the July/August MilCom recap, the July/August Mode-S report, a post on the Glynn County FD moving to the SEGARRN system, and a post on portable Mode-S/ADS-B monitoring

Stay Safe!

March 2016 MilCom Recap and Mode-S Log Delayed

March was another busy month that left me with little radio time. Once again, I’ll be combining two months into one; I’ll post a MilCom recap and Mode-S log for March and April at the end of April. Hopefully at some point in the near future things will settle down and I’ll have a little more time to play radio and the recaps and logs will return to a monthly post.