New Uniden BCD436HP

I ordered a Uniden BCD436HP and it arrived last week.  After playing with it for a week, I thought I’d pass on a few initial thoughts/observations about the radio. Since I also have a BCD396T, BCD396XT, and HP-1 Home Patrol, I’m… Read More ›

BCD396XT Impressions

I’ve had the BCD396XT for a week now, long enough to form some impressions of the radio and pass them along.  I’ve been working with Butel’s ARC XT software to come up with good programming for it after initially importing… Read More ›

New BCD396XT

I ordered a Uniden BCD396XT this week and it arrived on Wednesday afternoon.  I’ve programmed it with ARC XT Pro and have had the chance to play around with it a little bit.  I’ve used it to monitor the Glynn… Read More ›