MDTC Underway at MCAS Beaufort

Savannah – Yesterday morning’s monitoring indicated that there’s MDTC (Marine Division Tactics Course) underway at MCAS Beaufort. An MDTC usually takes place in January and this year seems to be no different. Flights of MAG-31 F/A-18s using the callsigns LATCH and SALEM (callsigns traditionally used by MDTC flights at MCAS Beaufort) and VMFAT-501 F-5Ns using the callsign VIPER were working in offshore SUAs yesterday morning. I didn’t hear SALEMs, LATCHes, or SNIPERs on Friday, so I’m guessing the MDTC flying started yesterday and will likely continue through the rest of the month.

If you’re interested in listening to the activity, here’s what I heard in use yesterday morning:

MCAS Beaufort Frequencies
292.125 – Beaufort App/Dep
269.125 – Beaufort App/Dep

SEALORD Frequencies
284.500 – SEALORD North Primary
313.700 – SEALORD North Secondary
349.800 – W-137 Discrete
376.900 – W-137 Discrete
385.300 – W-137 Discrete
318.600 – SEALORD Discrete

MAG-31/VMFT-401 Frequencies
283.400 – VMFA-115 Base; LATCH/SALEM flights for Base traffic
304.200 – MAG-31; LATCH/SALEM flights for Base traffic
310.200 – VMFA(AW)-553 Base; LATCH/SALEM flight Base traffic
228.300 – MDTC Air-to-Air (normally VMFA-224 Tac 1)
264.925 – MDTC Air-to-Air (normally VMFT-401 Tac)
274.500 – MDTC Air-to-Air (normally VMFA-115 Tac 3)
336.225 – MDTC Air-to-Air (normally VMFA-115 Tac 3
376.425 – MDTC Air-to-Air (normally VMFA-251 Tac 3)
348.825 – VMFT-401 Air-to-Air (normally VMFA-533 Tac 3)

January Blog Update: No MilCom Recap, New Air-to-Air Frequencies, Moody AFB Update

As I posted on social media a few days ago, I won’t be doing a January MilCom Recap or Mode-S log. I’ve been busy with work, was down with the sinuses, and have also been busy trying to get ready for a vacation trip next week. In the meantime, there are some updates to pass along regarding some new USAF or ANG air-to-air frequencies, an MCAS Beaufort air-to-air, and a MilAir page update for Moody AFB.

Over the holidays, the 125th FW was heard working with the 20th FW in the Bulldog MOA in Central/East Georgia. During that activity, both Jim (also here inGA) and I heard some new air-to-air frequencies in use. Jim as identified them as 125th FW air-to-air frequencies while I’m leaning toward them being new 20th FW frequencies; either way, they were definitely in use and it will be worth listening to them to confirm an ID on them. Those new frequencies are 228.275, 236.150, 262.000, and 267.600.

A South Florida source passed on via the blog’s Facebook page that VMFA-251 was heard using 267.250 while working at NAS Key West over the holidays. That’s one that I haven’t heard used by VMFA-251 or any unit at MCAS Beaufort before, but I’ve programmed it in my radios and will be listening out for it in the future.

Finally, a while back a very reliable source passed on some Moody AFB information but I haven’t had the chance to do anything with it until recently. That information has been incorporated into this blog’s MilAir page.

Next week, I’ll be traveling through South Carolina so keep an eye out for travel and mobile scanning posts.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out some more about those new USAF air-to-air frequencies during my travels…

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’d like to thank those that passed on information over the course of the year and I hope you’ll continue to support this blog with your efforts.



MCAS Beaufort F/A-18 and F-35 Squadron Frequency Changes

Brunswick – The USMC MAG-31 F/A-18 squadrons and the F-35B FRS squadron at MCAS Beaufort have recently undergone a number of air-to-air and Base frequency changes, leading to an update of my Milair page, but I thought I would also make those changes a blog post as well. A basic overview is that VMFA-115 has changed their Base (squadron ops) frequency and have a possible new air-to-air frequency, VMFA(AW)-224 changed one of their air-to-air frequencies, VMFA-251 changed one of their air-to-air frequencies, VMFA-312 has changed their Base and air-to-air frequencies, and VMFA(AW)-553 has changed one of their air-to-air frequencies. The changes are detailed below:

CHECK 61/62 (F/A-18C, VMFA-312) over the Savannah NWR while on approach to Savannah-Hilton Head Airport

MCAS Beaufort
119.050/342.875 – Tower
269.125/123.700 – Beaufort Approach/Departure
292.125/125.125 – Beaufort Approach/Departure
281.800 – Base Ops
264.500 – PMSV

Aircraft: F/A-18
Callsign: BLADE
283.400 – VMFA-115 Base
339.500 – VMFA-115 Tac 1
225.675 – VMFA-115 Tac 2
274.500 – VMFA-115 Tac 3
225.875 – Possible new VMFA-115 Tac

Aircraft: F/A-18D
Callsign: BENGAL
305.800 – VMFA(AW)-224 Base
228.300 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 1
258.900 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 2
336.225 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 3

Aircraft: F/A-18C
Callsign: TBOLT
313.800 – VMFA-251 Base
251.400 – VMFA-251 Tac 1
327.475 – VMFA-251 Tac 2
376.425 – VMFA-251 Tac 3

Aircraft: F/A-18C
Callsign: CHECK
262.700 – VMFA-312 Base
299.275 – VMFA-312 Tac 1
289.275 – VMFA-312 Tac 2

Aircraft: F-35B
343.200 – VMFAT-501 Base
326.700 – VMFAT-501 Tac 1
349.225 – VMFAT-501 Tac 2
341.825 – VMFAT-501 Tac 3

Aircraft: F/A-18D
Callsign: HAWK
310.200 – VMFA(AW)-533 Base
234.075 – VMFA(AW)-533 Tac 1
299.300 – VMFA(AW)-533 Tac 2
348.825 – VMFA(AW)-533 Tac 3

Marine Division Tactics Course at MCAS Beaufort

Savannah – It seems that MAG-31 at MCAS Beaufort is conducting a Marine Division Tactics Course (MDTC) for Group F/A-18 pilots in conjunction with MAWTS-1 and VMFT-401. A prerequisite for personnel attending the Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course at MCAS Yuma, the MDTC provides training in aerial combat for both fighter pilots and intercept controllers. The training is conducted by instructors from MAWTS-1 (Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1 and personnel and aircraft from VMFT-401. The giveaway is the set of callsigns used by the F/A-18 flights: KHAKI, LATCH, and SALEM; the only time that these seem to be used are during preparation for and during an MDTC. The F-5Ns from VMFT-401 use their usual callsign of SNIPER. Usually, there are multiple sorties per day with the KHAKIs, LATCHes, and SALEMs going up against the SNIPERs, but today I only heard one set of sorties in the morning (although some SNIPERs did go up against a flight VMFA-115 BLADEs later in the day). The MDTC usually lasts three weeks, with one week of classroom work and two weeks in the air. Based on what I’ve heard, I’m guessing last week was the classroom week and today began the two weeks of work in the air, but we’ll see. Here’s a callsign/frequency list to help out if you want to listen in:

KHAKI – F/A-18, MAG-31
LATCH – F/A-18, MAG-31
SALEM – F/A-18, MAG-31

313.800 – MAG-31 “KAISER Base” (usually VMFA-251 Base)
251.400 – MAG-31 Air-to-Air (probably new VMFA-251 Tac 1)
327.475 – MAG-31 Air-to-Air (usually VMFA-251 Tac 2)
376.425 – MAG-31 Air-to-Air (usually VMFA-251 Tac 3)
290.000 – MAG-31 Air-to-Air (old VMFA-251 Tac 1)

292.125 – Beaufort Approach/Departure
269.125 – Beaufort Approach/Departure

284.500 – SEALORD North Primary
349.800 – W-137 Discrete
376.900 – W-137 Discrete
318.600 – SEALORD Discrete


It’s also worth mentioning that VMFA-112 is also at MCAS Beaufort. In the past, they have also augmented VMFT-401 as Red Air during the more advanced air work during MDTCs. They were using VMFA-115 frequencies today and were doing air-to-ground work at Townsend Range, but as the MDTC goes on, I would expect to start hearing them work as Red Air with the SNIPERs.

283.400 – VMFA-115 Base
225.675 – VMFA-115 Tac 2
361.800 – Old VMFA-115 Base


In other MCAS Beaufort news, ATAC 22, either an ATAC Kfir or Hawker Hunter, arrived at MCAS Beaufort today so we could start hearing ATAC flights doing another round of operating as Red Air for the SWEDEs of  VMFAT-501 as they train new F-35B pilots.

VMFA-122 Leaves MCAS Beaufort, Will Transition to the F-35B

Savannah – Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort and MAG-31 now have one less squadron. On 22 September 2017, VMFA-122’s squadron commander relinquished command of the squadron at MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina and its colors were cased in preparation for it to stand up as an F-35B squadron at MCAS Yuma, California. With the move, they will no longer be under the command of MAG-31 and will instead be part of MAG-13. The squadron had been based at MCAS Beaufort since 1957, flying F8U-1 Corsair IIs and F/A-18 Hornets during their time there. Prior to that, they flew the F4F Wildcat, F4U-1 and F4G-1A Corsair, FH-1 Phantom, and the F9F-4 and F9F-5 Panther from a number of aircraft carriers.

Known as the “Crusaders,” “Werewolves,” and later as “The Flying Leathernecks” and using the callsign NIKEL, I’ve enjoyed listening to the VMFA-122 fly and train in the South Carolina Lowcountry and Coastal Georgia area throughout the years. I’ll miss hearing them around.