QSL Cards

Recent DX QSL Cards

Yesterday, a package arrived in the mail from the QSL Buro full of QSL cards from some of my amateur radio DX contacts.  There are some quite nice cards among them as well and include the card from my first… Read More ›

QSL Cards from WA2CG

Today, I came home to discover two QSL Cards that arrived from Bill, WA2CG.  I worked bill a couple of weekends ago when he was activating the Sandy Hook lighthouse, USA-731.  Two very nice cards, indeed!  Bill says he needs… Read More ›

Package From the Buro

It’s always exciting to come home from a week at work and find a package from the QSL Buro! Yesterday was just one of those days so I thought I would scan a few and post them here. I’m particularly… Read More ›

Recent QSL Cards

I received some very cool QSL cards in the mail while I did this 10 day in a row stint at work.  I was very happy to come home and find QSLs from W9IMS – the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Amateur… Read More ›