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There is no sense in trying to duplicate an already good source of information, so I’ve decided not to try.  A good listing of public safety frequencies and trunking systems already exists in the form of the RadioReference website.  What I will do here is offer links to the RadioReference pages that will list what is needed to monitor Public Safety in the Coastal Georgia area with an emphasis on the I-95 Corridor.  Along with the links are some comments based on my monitoring experience. Another question I’m frequently asked is what type of scanner one should buy; it really is a question that is dependent upon where you live, but I try to answer it for the coastal Georgia area in this blog post.


Chatham County

  • Chatham County Public Safety Communications are on the Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network (SEGARRN). There is still some VHF/UHF conventional traffic to be heard, primarily initial page out of EMS and Fire units.  Note:  The SEGARRN system is a fully digital system, you will need a 9600 baud P25 capable scanner to monitor it.
  • Chatham County Conventional
  • Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network


Bryan County

  • Most of the Public Safety Communications in Bryan County are on the SEGARRN system, however, you can still hear some EMS and Fire activity on the VHF repeaters.  Note:  The SEGARRN system is a fully digital system, you will need a 9600 baud P25 capable scanner to monitor it.
  • Bryan County Conventional
  • Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network


Liberty County

  • Liberty County Public Safety Communications have transitioned from VHF conventional to the SEGARRN system.  Liberty County FD was the first to begin the transition and in late May 2012, Liberty County EMS, Liberty County SO, and Hinesville PD have been noted on the system as well. Note:  The SEGARRN system is a fully digital system, you will need a 9600 baud P25 capable scanner to monitor it.
  • Liberty County Conventional
  • Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network


McIntosh County

  • McIntosh County Public Safety Communications are on Conventional VHF systems.  Note:  154.995 is shown as EMS Secondary, but recent monitoring indicates it is being used as primary dispatch for both EMS and Fire.
  • McIntosh County Conventional


Glynn County

  • Glynn County Public Safety Communications are primarily on the SEGARRN TRS, having switched from the Glynn County TRS in June 2016. County and  City law enforcement agencies are encrypted (with the exception of Glynn County PD’s primary dispatch), however, Fire and EMS are not. You are in luck for Fire and EMS communications if you don’t have a trunking scanner; the Glynn County FD F1 talkgroup is multicast on the 154.385 VHF repeater.  Most of the Glynn FD ops are on that talkgroup so you can hear most of their activity on the VHF repeater. Note:  The SEGARRN system is a fully digital system, you will need a 9600 baud P25 capable scanner to monitor it.
  • Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network
  • Glynn County Conventional
  • Glynn County TRS


Camden County


AirEvac Lifeteam

  • AirEvac Lifeteam provides medevac helicopter services throughout the southeast and coastal Georgia area from four bases:  Statesboro, Brunswick, Vidalia, and Waycross.  They use VHF frequencies for dispatch communications at each base (Thanks to Bill Collins, KG4BKO for much of the legwork on the AirEvac frequencies):
  • Air Evac Lifeteam 90, Douglas (N409AE) – 160.110 (DCS 026)
  • Air Evac Lifeteam 91,Vidalia (N269AE, Mode-S A2A071 ) – 151.730 (DCS 115)
  • Air Evac Lifeteam 95 , Statesboro (N296AE, Mode-S A30BC9) – 151.950 (DCS 072)
  • Air Evac Lifeteam 96, Jesup (N416AE, Mode-S A4EA6F) – 159.675 (DCS 226)


Georgia Forestry Commission


  • 159.390 – Mobile to Mobile
  • 159.285 – Southeast Compact
  • 154.280 – Mutual Aid

District 6 – Ogeechee

  • Bleckley, Bryan, Bulloch, Candler, Chatham, Dodge, Effingham, Emanual, Evans, Jenkins, Laurens, Liberty, Long, McIntosh, Montgomery, Pulaski, Screven, Tattnall, Telfair, Toombs, Treutlen, Wheeler, and Wilcox
  • 159.225 – District 6 Repeater (PL 100.0)

District 5 – Satilla

  • Appling, Atkinson, Bacon, Berrien, Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Clinch, Coffee, Echols, Glynn, Jeff Davis, Lanier, Lowndes, Pierce, Ware and Wayne
  • 159.465 – District 5 Repeater (DPL 054)
  • 159.120 – District 5 Repeater – Sidney Lanier Bridge (Brunswick)

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  1. Hey Mac. Did you hear St. Mary’s is going to a 700mhz system? It’s already installed and in the testing phase. It is phase 2, Tait Syatem

    • I sure did. I’m waiting to hear once it gets out of testing then I’m going to run down one morning and let Unitrunker run on the control channel for a bit. I’m really curious about why they decided to go with a stand-alone system rather than get on SEGARRN with a lot of the other counties on the coast.

      • I hear cost was a factor. Rumor has it… they County is looking to get some grant money and going with Tait like St Marys… this includes Kingsland. If this happens they will get a bridge installed to be on the SEGARREN network…

  2. Yes I mean that new system. What confuses me is that I can hear the county but not the city. I was told that there is absoutly no way to hear the city. Is that correct?

    • Correct. The Fire Departments are unencrypted, Glynn PD is partially encrypted, but Brunswick PD is fully encrypted so you can hear the Fire Departments, some of Glynn PD’s channels, but none of Brunswick PD’s channels. It seems that the channel the EMS units use to give patient reports to the ER with is also encrypted.

  3. Do you have any knowledge of the new p25 system I can’t hear anything and I have a dignitary trunking scanner.

  4. Hello mac,
    need some help on d.n.r. in your listening area
    I am trying to update ga. dnr ct tones and nacs
    Need ct tones on
    159.930nfm skidway
    159.930nfm kingsland
    160.035nfm Brunswick
    160.035nfm benhill
    0r any that you know
    trying to help out scanAtlanta group.
    They did not know that dnr are
    using p-25 digital.But I need the ct tones
    also for the above freqs.
    They are very much out of my monitoring area
    thank you
    lagrange georgia

  5. I just purchased a BCD996XT scanner and need some serious help with programming it. I live in Thunderbolt and would gladly meet you to let you program it. I also purchased the ARC-XT Pro software.

  6. Thanks, Mac

  7. I don’t know much about the Pro-96, I’m assuming it won’t trunk 700 MHz systems? Any of the new digital Uniden, Radio Shack, or GRE handhelds would be good choices; all 3 make quality product, they just work slightly different from each other. Personally, I prefer the Uniden scanners but that’s probably because I’ve been a long time Uniden customer and am used to the way their stuff works.

    Keep in mind that right now, the only thing you’re going to hear on the SEGARREN that you aren’t going to hear on the Chatham-Effingham system is Bryan County. You will still want to program both systems in because not all of SFES and SSFD’s traffic is always transmitted across SEGARREN. That said, it isn’t a bad idea to go ahead and upgrade your radio. It’s cool to be able to listen to Bryan County’s stuff too.

  8. OK, I am trashing my PRO -96, could you recommend a couple of good portable scanners to follow the SEAGARREN 700 for SAV Fire and SSFD.

    Thank you

  9. Can you help me locate a radio shack scanner enthusiast who can help me with re-programming the Segarren 700’s on my scanner??

    If you can recommend names and emails or phone number for local who may could help me?

    Thanks, I follow you on Twitter


  1. Info needed mil-air and others - The Forums

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