Coastal Georgia MilAir Information Page Updated

Over the last week or so, I’ve been working on revising and updating this blog’s MilAir page. I’ve finally finished this round of revisions and updates and it’s ready to go. I’ve changed the format a bit, added what I have for Robins AFB and Moody AFB, and expanded some of the bases that were already on the page. Savannah-Hilton Head IAP and Charleston IAP are also homes to a Gulfstream factor and service center and a Boeing facility respectively, so I added what I have for them as well. It’s not meant to be a comprehensive list; it essentially covers what can be heard from the Coastal Georgia area (Savannah, Hinesville, and Brunswick) and the I-95 corridor through Georgia.

Trying to Opt Out on Black Friday

Darien, GA – My folks and I attempted to Opt Out on this Black Friday by visiting the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge’s Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive. Unfortunately, when we got there it was closed due to today’s abnormally high tide causing the refuge’s diversion canal to overflow the roadway.  We decided to give Harris Neck NWR a try instead and by the time we got down there, the weather had turned into a windy, chilly mist. We walked down to Bluebill Pond and saw a large number of Snowy Egrets along with some Great Egrets and Little Blue Herons along with some Blue Winged Teal, but most everything was out of camera range. Most of the waterfowl seemed to be more interested in huddling out of the wind than anything else. Even though it was around 11:30 AM when we got to Woody Pond, there were still some Black Crowned and Yellow Crowned Night Herons perched around the pond, but unfortunately they were out of camera range as well.

Harris Neck NWR’s Bluebill Pond on a chilly, misty, dreary Black Friday

By the time we finished at Woody Pond, the mist had turned into a light rain so we just cruised through the rest of the wildlife drive hoping to see something from the car, but both Greenhead and Goose Ponds were drained and we didn’t even see any turkeys or deer. It was still a better day than spending it inside a shopping mall…

After we left Harris Neck, we decided to find something for lunch and ended up at Skipper’s Fish Camp in Darien. All of us ended up trying the crab cakes and they were excellent – a simple pan-fried recipe without a lot of additives  (I got the combination of crab cakes and Mahi with baked potato and coleslaw and it was wonderful). After I ate, I went out in the rain on Skipper’s dock and took a few photos of the shrimp boats docked nearby. I think these black and white versions suit the day perfectly.


MCAS Beaufort F/A-18 and F-35 Squadron Frequency Changes

Brunswick – The USMC MAG-31 F/A-18 squadrons and the F-35B FRS squadron at MCAS Beaufort have recently undergone a number of air-to-air and Base frequency changes, leading to an update of my Milair page, but I thought I would also make those changes a blog post as well. A basic overview is that VMFA-115 has changed their Base (squadron ops) frequency and have a possible new air-to-air frequency, VMFA(AW)-224 changed one of their air-to-air frequencies, VMFA-251 changed one of their air-to-air frequencies, VMFA-312 has changed their Base and air-to-air frequencies, and VMFA(AW)-553 has changed one of their air-to-air frequencies. The changes are detailed below:

CHECK 61/62 (F/A-18C, VMFA-312) over the Savannah NWR while on approach to Savannah-Hilton Head Airport

MCAS Beaufort
119.050/342.875 – Tower
269.125/123.700 – Beaufort Approach/Departure
292.125/125.125 – Beaufort Approach/Departure
281.800 – Base Ops
264.500 – PMSV

Aircraft: F/A-18
Callsign: BLADE
283.400 – VMFA-115 Base
339.500 – VMFA-115 Tac 1
225.675 – VMFA-115 Tac 2
274.500 – VMFA-115 Tac 3
225.875 – Possible new VMFA-115 Tac

Aircraft: F/A-18D
Callsign: BENGAL
305.800 – VMFA(AW)-224 Base
228.300 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 1
258.900 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 2
336.225 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 3

Aircraft: F/A-18C
Callsign: TBOLT
313.800 – VMFA-251 Base
251.400 – VMFA-251 Tac 1
327.475 – VMFA-251 Tac 2
376.425 – VMFA-251 Tac 3

Aircraft: F/A-18C
Callsign: CHECK
262.700 – VMFA-312 Base
299.275 – VMFA-312 Tac 1
289.275 – VMFA-312 Tac 2

Aircraft: F-35B
343.200 – VMFAT-501 Base
326.700 – VMFAT-501 Tac 1
349.225 – VMFAT-501 Tac 2
341.825 – VMFAT-501 Tac 3

Aircraft: F/A-18D
Callsign: HAWK
310.200 – VMFA(AW)-533 Base
234.075 – VMFA(AW)-533 Tac 1
299.300 – VMFA(AW)-533 Tac 2
348.825 – VMFA(AW)-533 Tac 3

20th Fighter Wing UHF Air-to-Air Update

Brunswick – Last week, I posted about the 20th Fighter Wing moving to UHF air-to-air frequencies from VHF. I got some good feedback from readers offering what they’ve heard, so I thought I would post an updated list:

228.800 – 55th FS Air-to-Air
236.150 – 55th FS Air-to-Air

274.875 – 77th FS Air-to-Air
314.100 – 77th FS Air-to-Air

276.150 – possible 79th FS Air-to-Air

228.275 – reported in use by 20th FW F-16s
242.000 – reported in use by 20th FW F-16s
259.900 – reported in use by 20th FW F-16s
270.900 – reported in use by 20th FW F-16s

384.550 – F-16 Demo Team

I’ll be keeping an ear on the possible 79th FS and 20th FW Air-to-Airs in an attempt to help confirm and ID the squadron using them. Thanks to Jared Soergel on Twitter and Scannerman2016 by email for the feedback and information; if I get any more or are able to find anything further, I’ll post another update.

20th Fighter Wing F-16s Moving From VHF to UHF for Air-to-Air Frequencies

Savannah – Last month, I got a post comment from a reader mentioning the lack of activity on VHF air-to-air frequencies from 20th Fighter Wing F-16CMs from Shaw AFB working in the Bulldog MOA. I’d been noticing the same trend over the course of this year as well so I’ve been searching when home in Savannah (I don’t receive activity from Shaw F-16s from Brunswick due to its distance from their usual operating areas). So far I’ve found a couple of UHF air-to-airs for the 55th Fighter Squadron and the 77th Fighter Squadron but none yet for the 79th Fighter Squadron:

228.800 – 55th FS Air-to-Air
236.150 – 55th FS Air-to-Air

274.875 – 77th FS Air-to-Air
314.100 – 77th FS Air-to-Air

I’ll keep on searching when I’m in Savannah and post updates as I find anything. If anyone else happens to find some UHF air-to-air frequencies for the Shaw F-16s, post them in the comments, tweet them to me, post them on the Facebook page, or send me an email at kf4lmt @ gmail.