Sentry Savannah July 2018 Update

Savannah - I haven't had a lot of monitoring time, but I have been able to listen to a few more morning sorties and other listeners have contributed what they've heard, so I've got an update for what should be the last couple of days of the current Sentry Savannah exercise. Paul, KJ4FAV also provided … Continue reading Sentry Savannah July 2018 Update

Sentry Savannah Update; 16 May 2018

Savannah - Yesterday, I posted about a Sentry Savannah exercise being underway out of the Savannah Air Dominance Center. Yesterday's activity, despite being cut short by bad weather during the afternoon sortie, was far bigger than Tuesday's activity and included participation by F-16s from the 55th and 79th Fighter Squadrons from Shaw AFB as well … Continue reading Sentry Savannah Update; 16 May 2018